What is BALAYAGE?!

What is Balayage?

I get this question all the time, and it makes me excited to share because I love balayage!!

Technically speaking, balayage is a technique for highlighting hair in which the lightener or color is painted on the hair to create a graduated, natural looking effect. So….. what does this really mean? Basically, were creating a brighter pop of lightness more focused on the ends but still blending into the top/ root area.

When should you get a balayage?

Balayage is great for those that want brighter pops on their already highlighted hair. It’s great for virgin hair or for those that have never highlighted before. This would be a great option to add dimension to the hair if you feel like your blonde looks too solid, and it is also a great option for those wanting a more low maintenance color.

This wouldn’t be the best option if you need a color correction. If you have bands, or harsh lines. If you hair is very dark and you want the maximum amount of lightness, this would also not be the right option for you.

How long does it take?

It takes about 3.5-4 hours for a full balayage. If your getting a touch up or a partial it may take 1.5-2.5 hours.

What if I want a balayage look but I want to be a lot lighter?

We can definitely create a balayage look using traditional lighter and foils. I like to call this foilayage lol. This would be ideal if you have extremely dark hair, or if you have previously colored hair.

Here is an example of balayage processing, and the finished look!

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