3 Hair Care Hacks to Save You $$$

When it comes to hair products, there's literally thousands to choose from. We can spend hours looking at their reviews, or how much they are, but until we get them home we don't know how they'll perform. However, there's one more piece of information that's missing, and that's how to actually use these products!! User error can be the difference between loving your hair and hating it.

Product HACK #1: Talk to a stylist that knows a product line inside and out

"What hair product do you recommend?" "What can I use from the drug store?" "Are these ingredients safe for my hair?"

These questions are the ones I get on a daily basis, and I LOVE them!! So let me break them down. First, and foremost when you're in my chair, I'm going to recommend the products in our salon for one important reason. I KNOW them!!! I've be trained on them inside and out and I use them everyday. I know exactly what blends well with what, and the order they should go on. I know the results they give, so I have a relatively good idea what products you will like based on our consultation.

Product HACK #2: Use products with high quality ingredients

I can typically spot a Pantene user as soon as I glide my fingers down their hair. Usually my fingers are left with a white waxy film. Pantene uses a low quality silicone that can not be washed out of the hair. As a result it builds up on the hair, drying it out and not allowing anything good including moisture to penetrate the hair, which then leads to breakage. So, if you're one of my rare clients that doesn't color your hair, doesn't use thermal heat styling or even a blowdryer and you're still experiencing breakage, it's time to invest in good quality ingredients. Product lines with high quality ingredients will be more concentrated, this saves you money because a little will go a long way! I use a nickel size amount of shampoo and trust me its more than enough! Typically, small "salon only" lines that are privately manufactured will have amazing quality ingredients, simply because they actually take pride in what they are producing.

Product HACK #3: Start with a good foundation

Yes, I know salon products are expensive. Heres the good news you only need a few! I have 6-9 products that are the foundation to keeping your collection under the sink to a minimum LOL. Shampoo, Conditioner, leave in conditioner, argan oil, styling aids, and a finisher. If you're starting your collection from scratch the first thing I recommend is a great quality shampoo and conditioner. There's no point of buying all the serums, deep conditioners, or leave ins if your shampoo and conditioner aren't working for you. They say you can only build a house on a strong foundation right?

pro tip ** When using high quality, concentrated sulfate free shampoo, use a nickel size amount and fully emulsify it in your hand, then work it through your scalp. You won't feel the suds yet but keep working it though it's still doing its job!! Then repeat, and you will get the suds you crave and nice clean hair! I recommend to only cleanse the scalp not the ends, then to condition the ends and not the scalp.

I hope this helps in your next hair care purchase!


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