When Does Beauty Happen?

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" that was said by Coco Chanel. When I was in high school I did a report on Coco Chanel and I was absolutely inspired by her strength, perseverance, and willingness to succeed! There are so many standards of beautie and the question we always ask ourselves is which one is the right one? As women we try to figure out what style fits us best. However, until you begin to fully express yourself and know yourself, no matter what color your hair is, whether you decide to wear leather or cotton, you won't be happy.

In April of 2015, I took a three day personal development course called The Landmark Forum. I had originally decided to participate in this course to gain insight on building a business. I knew there was something missing, and at the time, I thought not being able to follow my dream was due to not having money to start my business. What I discovered was way more than I bargained for. I wasn't following my dream because I wasn't being honest with myself. I didn't know who I was. I wouldn't even talk about what I wanted and if I did, I wasn't able to communicate it clearly. I was a mess.

If you've ever cleaned and organized your whole house before, you know its a lot of work. Feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, not knowing where to begin, but still feeling hopeful that it will all come together. Well, that's how I felt beginning to clean up the mess of my life. It was hard. I had to make decisions that hurt, but I knew it was for the best. I needed to get my power back and I wanted MY dreams back. I stopped fueling the dreams others wanted me to have and began focusing a little more on what I wanted. It was MY CHOICE.

The ability to make a choice is literally a superpower. It is the most incredible freedom we have and the best growth opportunity you can give yourself. Don't rob yourself of your ability to make choices by letting others make them for you. You get to be beautiful because you choose to be! You get to have an amazing day because you choose to!! If others choose for us, we get to blame them for our lives not working out. However, when we come to terms with the fact that our life isn't working because we made choices, we get to start making different ones. We get to create what is possible for our lives.

Beauty begins the moment YOU DECIDE to be yourself. There is nothing more powerful.

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